Friday, February 12, 2016

I'm BACK (for the time being)


Thank you to anyone and everyone who has been supporting me in my art as I hobble along. I know there were several art-related goals I set late last year, but once the holidays hit, I admittedly did not meet these goals.

(If you don't want to scroll back and find the goals, they were 1. Order business cards by the end of November, and 2. Post here every Thursday.)

Well, time to get back on the horse. Or should I say turtle?

No, do not say turtle, say tortoise.

Anyway, I have been drawing a lot more since my last post (some doodles n' such I post to twitter) and it helps immensely that my current job (since October) pays for me to paint.

SVS Learn has also been a HUGE help. I've started watching parts of classes over breakfast, and it really kick-starts my art day. (SVS should make a cereal with a clever art-name.)


I got the pentel pocket brush pen! Whoo-hoo! It is awesome, I have two other brush pens (both Faber-Castell) but the tips are felt, and just don't have the point I'm looking for, or the "springy" brush action of actual bristles.

I've been practicing!

Brush Pen: Dino Head and Alligator Snapper! (apologies to those of you who saw these on twittah already, but welcome! Thanks for visiting the blog.)

Also also...

I will try to keep up with my art, really! I'm looking a full-time not-really-art-related job squarely in the eyes, and between that and my art-related painting job, things might slow down here (again). If anyone has words of wisdom, I'm all ears, and any encouragement is always very welcome!

In honor of my possible office work, here's Office Rex:

And here's something else, Bob: I ate eight different bosses...

(I'm sorry...)

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Your tortoise photo is amazing, had to share it on our Facebook page, hope you don't mind.