Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Need for Speed


That's the sound I want my art abilities to make, zooming into ever higher skies of awesomeness.

(Shooom! Whoooosh - zzzOOOooom!)

Back to earth.

It takes time. Not just practicing, but even completing a single careful piece can take... a long time. I want to go fast, improve at a much quicker rate, but... it takes time.

Will Terry said in one of his videos that you want it to take a long time. There is value in something that requires work, effort. We invest ourselves in our craft, and the more we invest, the more we take out.

A recent thread on the SVS Forum related to copying other artists. Instructor Lee White said "I am a HUGE fan of doing copy work as a way to get better. It allows you to step into other peoples shoes and see how they draw something. It's the quickest way to getting good in my opinion." (emphasis mine)

The quickest way! So earlier this week I picked up a big pile of children's books from the library, Shaun Tan's and Ben Hatke's this round, to copy.

In the introduction to The Bird King, Tan cites a metaphor from Paul Klee: "the artist as a tree, drawing from the rich compost of experience -- things seen, read, told, and dreamt -- in order to grow leaves, flowers, and fruit. Art... can only make something out of something else; artists do not create so much as transform."  

And a lot of time and practice can transform into mastery.

Here's some sketches from this week. I didn't want to fill this post with copy-sketches, but see if you can spot the few copies I left in:

Related to a WIP, might also use it for my business cards. 

Sketch, sketch, sketch...

Qilin - Chinese unicorn - possibly appearing in my WIP

The Under-the-Bed monster, now Not-Under-the-Bed

Goal for next week: establish a regular day/time for SVS classes.

Thanks for stopping by!

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