Thursday, November 19, 2015

Sketching Seals

I admit, I really didn't do a whole lot of sketching this week. In fact, I think today was the first day I sat down and took some time for my art. 

I'm in the process of adding digital to my artistic toolbox, and realizing how much computers frustrate me. Hiking up the learning curve...

Anyway, here's a couple sketches! The first one is an idea for examples/product for my nursery art line, and the second one will hopefully be robin's egg blue for this week's Color Collective. 

"S" is for baby walrus.

An example of unnecessary clothing

I'm not sure why they're both seals, but for some reason, they had to be seals.

Next Thursday is Thanksgiving! I will try to get a post scheduled to go up on its own, since I don't think I will have internet service in the Northern Woods Land. But we shall see.

Thanks for stopping by!

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