Thursday, November 12, 2015

Just Keep Swimming...

So, my Life Schedule has been pretty wacky lately. It's finally sunk in that each work week is different, and it makes it hard to plan ahead for Art Time.

In his latest video, Will Terry said something pretty great: "even professional artists don't make a perfect picture each time, and sometimes they need help." (horrible paraphrase)

Anyway, I've been in a bit of a "progress valley" this week. Here's my really good polished illustration of what I mean:

This graph brought to you by: a broken tablet.

The dreaded valley hits both the Beginner and the Awesome-Good alike. It can be more emotionally based than skill-based (you don't like anything you do... until you come back to it a week later) or it can really be that what you did last week was consistently better than what you're managing (despite great effort) this week.

But that's another great thing Will Terry said: "if you get upset, that's a good thing, because it shows that you care." (another horrible paraphrase. Just watch the video.)

So it's good to get upset and it's normal to hit valleys. As with any skill (again, Will Terry) we must work and strive for improvement. The struggles of art echo the struggles of life in general. We can't run to a magical place where there are no frustrating days, where success is guaranteed, predictable, or easy. If we give up on art when it gets hard, whatever other goals/jobs we replace it with will also eventually challenge us and require both perseverance and skill.

I do this blog to keep myself accountable. My goal last week was "find a regular time to do SVS classes." Well, I did spend some time there, but I didn't really establish a set time. I would like to do that, but until I do, I will report here that I made it over to SVS to continue my education.

Since this is my sloppy sketchblog, here's some results of the valley. But I have to keep going and work through it!

I was very frustrated by my attempts at a Nemo-style fish character

Dec's 3rd Thurs: "Santa's reindeer were too sick to fly, so instead he used..."
(Gary Larson inspired. Not really going to use this one.) :)

Thanks for stopping by!

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