Monday, October 26, 2015

Don't let "Perfect" Ruin

It's been a while.

While I've been away from Ye Olde Blog, things have been good and bad, crazy and calm. And, I've done some thinking.

I need to get back to more regular updates. I began doing Inktober because I knew I needed to get back into drawing every day.

The good news: I really have started drawing/arting daily. I might even have started a couple projects...

The bad news: I did not stick with Inktober. For the beginning of it, I was even on the road, out of cell service, etc. and I did better then! As it went on, I fell into the perfectionist trap of over-complicating and over-thinking each drawing, landing myself squarely in Disappointment. I just couldn't "measure up" to my unrealistic expectation of what I could do in an hour of inking.

(Now, I know we should always strive to do better, but we can also take some pride in what we are currently accomplishing!)

Long ago, I had an art teacher say "Don't let perfect ruin good." And, as a student at SVS Learn, one of my current instructors also says "Finished, not perfect."

I have a lot to learn. Not just art-wise, but everything that goes along with promoting yourself, website, social media, business cards, ect. ect.

I just have to start somewhere.

So, like I said, I've been doing some thinking. I'll start with "regular updates:" that doesn't mean every day. That may mean every Thursday. It's possible my non-art work schedule will increase its demands on my time, so I'll start with once a week and work up from there.

Another thought: I have seen a lot of great work by some super artists on SVS Learn and Twitter. I am somewhat shy (more so online than in person, though!) but I need to really reach out and say hello to some of my colleagues in the art world.

I will be sure to post any updates/adventures here. This blog is really my tool/workstation to keep me accountable. This is not where the "finished stuff" goes. So don't expect Perfection. (Are you listening, me?)

Calming breaths.

If you made it this far, here's a piece of a larger project I finished earlier last month:

Breath. Breath!

 Thanks for stopping by!

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