Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Every Gray Cloud

...has a giraffe in it.

I just wanted to stop by and show that I am still alive. Things have been pretty crazy, with hubby's erratic, life-consuming travel, and with my New Job. (More on that later, I'm sure.)

I finished the giraffe! Here it is:

Rain got you down? Just punch it. With your face.

My idea is that he could be some sort of greeting card, but I'm still working out the specifics (how it would fold to show one part and then the other, etc.)

And I also finished Otter Waiter!

Oh yes, our fish is extremely fresh.

Since this is my blog and I can complain, I'm none too happy about the scan quality on the giraffe, or on my paint quality on the otter. Any and all tips appreciated, this is the second time I've scanned/merged the giraffe piece.

I'm also entering another SVS 3rd Thrusday contest. I've been taking their classes nearly every day, it's been absolutely fantastic.

The prompt is: "As Charly walked deeper into the forest he heard singing and dancing. He peeked out from behind a huge tree and saw..."

Here's my value-study, the good folks on the SVS forums have been a great help and encouragement, and I hope to post this soon, once I can figure out what's wrong with my login. :-)

"For every bear that ever there was will gather there for certain because..."

Thanks for stopping by!

(Ten points if you recognized that quote.)

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