Thursday, August 13, 2015



It's both strange and refreshing not finishing a painting just to post it every day. It's been nearly two weeks since my last boot-camp, so let's review...

-Paint for 20 minutes (at least) each weekday
-For 20 days
-Post the results here

How did I do?
-Paint for 20 minutes... Yes! A+! But therin lies the problem... I would often paint for an hour, and so Paint Day really ate up my day... hmm, good thing or bad thing?
-For 20 days - Yup! Paint Day 1 through Paint Day 20 are all accounted for.
-Post the results here - see links. :-)

I have still been painting! I have a nursery piece that I will post soon, and another SVS 3rd Thursday contest entry that is almost done! This month's prompt: "Astrid cautiously stepped out of the craft onto soft spongy turf. Though she didn't see anything she had a deep sense that she wasn't alone."

Here's mine so far, I think I'm almost done:

Can't go wrong with mushrooms.

Remember this? Now it makes sense.

The camera made it murky, but I will scan the final piece. I'm really glad I did this one, I had the line art sitting on my desk for a little over a week, and I was feeling really intimidated by the two light-sources. But luckily, because I am also taking classes at SVS, which taught me to do a valuable value study first:

Yay, I can "use Photoshop!"

I might darken the watercolor. We'll see. It's due next Thursday!

And now the title character of this post:

Shakespeare-Cat. Joined today by Ghost Mandolin.

Thanks for stopping by!

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