Thursday, July 16, 2015

Paint Day 9: Tweet Cheat

Okay, I did it. I used Paint Day to work on a project. But it was still fun!

Here's the color practice for a commission I mentioned earlier. (So you know it's been awhile. Good thing the person who asked me to do this is so awesome!)

Twee boids.

I will paint the whole background for the final piece. But since the color practice is for me, I think it looks kinda cool, so I'm leaving it (plus it's covered with my notes...) The final one will be cut so it's very narrow, about an inch and a half off each side.

Speaking of birds and tweeting, I just got a twitter! I'm @careybowdenart

I have to admit, I really don't understand how to use twitter. I'm afraid I'm going to be like the main character in the movie Chef and accidentally announce something I meant to private message, tick off a food critic, storm out of my restaurant, start a cross-country food truck, and...

Or something like that. 

What I'm really more concerned about is the "vibe" or "temptation" that twitter offers. It allows us to constantly announce details of our day, some of which are, frankly, not worth announcing. 

"Just brushed my teeth and washed my face!" #mintyfresh

I don't want to say "too much" or just... look stupid. I really don't want to look stupid on twitter! (Or any time it can be avoided!)

I also don't want to be rude. I don't understand the etiquette of # and @ to people. Can you tweet at people you're not following? Can anyone make up a hashtag? So many questions!

Feel free to share your wisdom in the comments - I also always welcome critiques!

Thanks for stopping by!

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