Thursday, July 9, 2015

Paint Day 4: Boar

Here's my 20-minute painting for today:


Since one of my big time-wasters with these bootcamps is taking waaay too long to decide what I'm going to paint/draw, I have to use what first comes to mind when I first wonder, "what will I paint?"

I recently watched Jake Parker's video called "What's your Personal Manifesto?" where he talks about his personal and religious reasons for his art. This is not my political/philosophical blog for the most part, but I will occasionally post my musings here.

Last night I was thinking of how one of my own reasons for creating art is to add to the beautiful things in the world. (I can't stand the low standards that some children's books/educational materials set for their own appearance.) Then I thought, even when portraying villains or scary scenes in a story, I don't want to deeply unsettle my audience with something over-the-top grotesque, but to use creativity and the fundamentals of design and composition to show evil/scariness without being unnecessarily vivid. (This really just applies to storytelling. There are some real-world tragedies and injustices that certainly should not be "toned down," and I understand there is a place for anti-mob mob movies, for example.)

While I was trying to think of an example, Princess Mononoke came to mind. There are parts of that movie that certainly are "scary," but even with all the severed head/limbs and drippy/gooey animals, I don't think it goes over the top. The audience understands how bad the boar's curse is, for instance, without the animation being more dark/scary than necessary.

End musings.

Self critique: the colors/contrast is off, especially around the too-light muzzle.

I did remember to set my painting timer today! BUT I slept in this morning. Punishment: arise at 5:30 AM tomorrow. And now I will do it, because the internet says so.

Feel free to post your own critiques, or offer suggestions for tomorrow's Paint Day!

Thanks for stopping by!

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