Monday, July 27, 2015

Paint Day 16: Let's Just Say it's a Noctowl Fan Art

I have to learn to let my sketchbook be the place where I mess up (and my sketchblog where I publicly shame myself by posting about it) not the continuation of my portfolio. It might contribute to what I eventually put in my portfolio, but... it is my sketchbook. It is the sandbox, the scrap paper, the first draft. It's for practice. 


I will say I learned something from this, and I experimented with color in ways I don't usually do with Paint Day. I also realized the doing Pokemon fan art has endless possibilities, and I will eventually contribute my own versions.

It's... here it is:

It's eyes! What have I done??

Based on this. 

And... this? (subconsciously)

And maybe this.

Let's just say it's noctowl fan art... and move on. (It's not.)

Thanks for stopping by!

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