Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Paint Day 12: Raccoons and Thieves

I've been practicing inking with a brush, and today I pulled out my size 0 Kolinsky Windsor and Newton brush, a birthday present from long ago, and gave it a try. Since the brush is so small, I don't use it regularly. But what I (re)discovered was, this brush rocks. 

I wish I could get a couple other sizes, but they are so expensive! I'll have to keep an eye on the local art stores here and watch for sales. If I'm feeling daring, I could order it from a reputable website, but I usually like to look at a brush before I buy it.

Anyway, here's what I have today:

They're so smart, but I've seen them fall right off those thin branches...

You stole the cookies from the cookie jar. Yes, you.

It's hard to see, but the ink did bleed a little bit - I didn't think that would happen since I have used watercolor on this paper, but oh well. I'll color them in tomorrow - wish me luck!

I was over at our neighbor's yesterday, and a raccoon came up to the door, thus the subject matter. He was looking for the cat food that my neighbor used to leave out for the neighborhood cat.

I shall name him Brushtail. Brushtail Raccoon.

I was trying to make a sort of calligraphy character, kinda like this, but I just got too detailed.

I got a bit closer here:

So cute...
 And here:

(And yes, today counts as a Paint Day! I used my brush and painted. With ink.)

Speaking of thieving raccoons, be sure and watch and share Will Terry's video interview with Brad Holland: "Everything you Know About Copyright is About to Change" - only two more days to write a letter to the copyright office (links under the video) about these possible changes in copyright law! In a teeeny nutshell: if "orphan works" becomes a law, it will be much more difficult for artists to protect the copyright of their work, and copyright infringers will be able to get away with more. It will make it even harder to earn money from your art.

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