Monday, July 6, 2015

I'm Back! (And Beginning Another Bootcamp)

Wow, it's been awhile!

But now we're back from a very nice, restful vacation, which began a couple days after my last Draw Day. Did I draw at all during my break, you ask?


That's just a sample of what I did. More on current projects later.

I said I would do a reflection on my Daily Drawings. Let's review.

For four weeks, I had to:

-Draw every day
-Draw for at least one hour
-Post the daily drawing

How did I do?

-Drew every day: (A) Yes, even weekends!
-Drew for at least one hour: (C-) I barely made it to an hour many days, I'll admit.
-Post a daily drawing for four weeks: (B+) I did post every day that I drew, from Day 1 to Day 26... but if I had actually drawn every day for four weeks, the last day would have been Day 28. Oops.

I learned a lot from drawing every day. Not only did it sharpen my skills, but it showed me that I could set a goal for myself and meet it. Another cool side effect is that... I still draw every day! It's become a habit, and I love using habits to my advantage and developing good ones.

Now... it's time for the Next Step. For 20 days, I will PAINT every day. (Not weekends this time, sorry!) My goal: to spend at least 20 minutes with my watercolors every weekday for the next 20 days. I can draw, I can ink, but those brushes are out for 20 minutes.

It seems easy.

Today is Paint Day 1. I'm not sure how it will develop, but for now I'm going to stick pretty close to my references, and switch between using watercolor paper and my sketchbook. I'm learning more here than just watercolor: color theory, composition, time management... everything will come into play here.

Plus, I won't be uploading just booOOOooring black and white pieces every day! :)

Here's today's:

You can see my scribblies on the side, there. I wanted to do a pistol shrimp, because they are super cool animals and have the power of the sun. But the google pics were a little hard to see I was being picky. So the subject of this painting is a red snapping shrimp... yes. They might be just as cool as a pistol shrimp (power of the sun!) but I don't know.

When I can, I'll link my reference pic. Since this is just for practice, I figure it falls under Fair Use, but please email me if I use your pic and you think I didn't treat you right.

Whew. Long post.

I have a LOT going on, and I am so grateful to be super busy with my art! I'm also happy to be back here!

Thanks for stopping by!

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