Monday, June 1, 2015

Draw Day 7: Unconfident Otters

Yay! I made it to Draw Day 7! One week down, three weeks to go.

Let's review: Draw Day is my self-imposed drawing boot-camp. You can find the first post about it here. The goal is that I spend an hour drawing every day. I chose an hour because I figured it was enough time to focus, but not so long that I couldn't fit it in every day. Some days, I've hit a bit under an hour, and others, I've gone over. I'm thinking I don't need to set the time in stone - take today for example:

Wake, ready to draw: 6:00 AM

Wake, ready to draw: 6:15 AM

Wake, ready to draw: 6:30 AM


Once I finally dragged myself the two feet from bed to sketchbook, I had no idea what to draw. What was I to do?? Sit there for an hour while I could be asleep/eating/both??

With no caffeine in my body I tried desperately to produce something, but after about a half-hour I had reduced it to eraser smears.

Ok, I'll show it:

 I didn't want to... I was so frustrated with it this morning, but perhaps I can learn from it. (Lesson: breakfast first, draw second.) I had the idea of two otters fishing off a boat, one of them eating the bait minnows.

But then after work today, I sat down again to draw. I don't know if I hit an hour or went over, but here's what I came up with:

Summer always makes me think of fishing.

While I was drawing this, I was thinking of the day I was taught to wade-fish. "Just walk in," D told me last June, "put the fish you catch in the bag, and keep your worms in your pockets." I was positive that not only would the fish not remain in a Walgreen's bag tied to my belt loop, but that I would step in just the right part of the lake and sink into the mud. Also, I thought there was no way I would catch anything tromping around up to my armpits in water, barely able to cast... 

But I caught three bluegill, so that was something. (Lost all my pocket-worms at some point) And that plastic bag worked. Funny thing is, about three weeks after tromping through that lake in early-summer, I would transform into a much cleaner bride. (Our first anniversary's coming up!) 

Another from this morning

Unconfident Otter has actually been around for a while, here he is from about a year ago: 

Please feel free to leave feedback/advice/tips - that's why I'm here! And thanks for stopping by! 

PS- If anyone has tips for scanning graphite drawings, I'd be happy to hear them. I really have to play with the levels to make it ready for posting. I have an Epson Perfection v600

PPS- Unconfident is a word. I wasn't sure, but yes. 

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