Thursday, June 18, 2015

Draw Day 24: Goats, Cheese, and Cupcakes

These are some of the suggestions I got from E, (and her class of 10-year-olds) all the way from Spain:

"L taking a goat for a walk (It's her favorite animal, and she really wants one for a pet.)"

"One of the girls wins Master Chef Jr. by making something really fancy and crazy"
(I don't know if a giant cupcake is really fancy, but in my mind it was either that, or giant sushi...)

"G eats a pungent cheese and then she smells really awful as a result ("pungent" was a recent vocab word)"

And here's the commission from yesterday, Photoshop color practice:

Thanks to feedback from the great folks at Wetcanvas, I tried blue birds. I think we're on to something!

That's all for now!

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