Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Draw Day 23: Lots of Stuff

Doodles of today:

Ninja chinchillas and birds

Dino Soldier is back!

Dino and Ninja Chinchilla team up

Ninja Chin was born last night at midnight
(sorry about the scan! Still learning!)

Worked on a commission for J today: 

This is the inked line art for the color practice. As a challenge, I timed myself. Ten minutes. Boom.

Fiddling with colors with colored pencils. My watercolor color charts are there, too.

Here's my thoughts on the birds: I'm supposed to use "common songbirds" and the colors "coral, sapphire, and turquoise." I was thinking I would make the background a kind of light turquoise wash, and put a splash of blue in the bird's feathers (like mallards). But then I discovered this wonderful bird, and I might go with that design. 

Thoughts? Critiques? Snack tips? 

Thanks for stopping by!  

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