Tuesday, June 2, 2015

3rd Thursday + 8th Draw Day

Let me explain the line art that I posted a couple weeks ago, like I promised.

The beginning of the story can be found here, at the fantastic School of Visual Storytelling. Every third Thursday, SVS announces a new prompt for their 3rd Thursday critique competition. Anyone can enter, and the purpose of the contest is to help artists of all levels sharpen their skills and build a strong portfolio by taking on real-life illustration assignments. The top five entries get critiqued by three professionals who help make SVS the great place it is. The top three from those five get a $30 credit towards SVS classes. 

I entered their contest. The prompt for May was: "School was out for the summer and Martin was in for a BIG surprise!"

Oh man. What a great prompt! But I was wracking my brain trying to come up with stuff. One of the first ideas I had was this: 

(20 minutes later)

.... I couldn't find my early sketches! I must have tossed them.... (weird, I never do that. Must be Spring Cleaning Fever.)

Well, one of my ideas was to have a shot from below a treehouse, with a boy's legs showing kicking carefree over the edge. His backpack left on the ground had a strange creature crawling into it. But: I was told that it looked too much like "Martin" was the creature, not the boy in the treehouse. 

Another idea was aliens. (Flying saucer picking up the schoolbus)

Another idea was bears. (Baby bear following Martin's trail of dropped lunch leftovers, Mama bear on the prowl.)

And another was this: 

I wanted the "punch line" to be the way the turtle's shell looked almost exactly like the rocks surrounding it. 

I showed it to my husband, and he said, "that's awesome. Go for it!"

So I did. And here's the one I sent in:

Then last Thursday, we stayed up till midnight watching the live stream of the critiques in their GoToMeeting classroom. And at about a quarter to midnight, with one "top five" left to critique, they pulled up mine. 

I was so honored and happy! Thank you, Will TerryJake Parker, and Lee White for the critique! I love getting feedback on my work, and what a gift to hear it from such awesome pros! (Now I just have to get good enough at Photoshop to apply your feedback.)

Since the critique, I have been thinking more and more about the rest of the story. Some doodles of this duo might appear here!

The recording of the live critique is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6ijPfHU-Jo
If you want to see my piece, it's in at 19 mins in Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygjjj9d6zcE

Next month's 3rd Thursday prompt is up! Check it out!

I will be sitting this one out to work on other things. But perhaps I will be back for July's!

Here's today's Draw Day (think I put in a bit over an hour on this one). I just had to give machines a try. And the pilot is an otter, continuing the theme from yesterday.


Again, I welcome feedback. I really had to clean this up in Photoshop, here's the original. Drawing, scanning, editing advice?

Thanks for stopping by! 

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