Saturday, May 23, 2015

New Baby! Elephant!

A local couple, D&K, recently welcomed a baby girl into the world! So S commissioned me to make them a piece of nursery art. My instructions: 

-baby girl
-Light purple, green

Apparently, elephants are the new mommy's favorite animals, and light purple and green are her favorite colors (I crossed my fingers that she had used them in decorating the nursery).

S left a lot of the composition up to me, which was both great and difficult. 

And so, after a couple of really loose sketches that barely resembled anything, I produced the following finished piece without breaking a sweat: 

Okay, first there was this:

(that finished-looking one on the bottom is just a color practice)

 Then finally:

(The short time I had to do this resulted in that frame. I would have preferred a light purple one, but I didn't have time to find another or paint this one.)

What? Glowing butterflies? Yes, because everyone already did balloons, and ducklings, and bunnies, and stars. But I knew the elephant needed something to interact with to add to the energy and interest of the piece. Since S did not specify, I started with normal butterflies, which then began to glow. These magical creatures are called... "butter-bugs!" or ..."lightening-flies!" ("butter-flies" also works, but does nothing for clarity).

There are several things I would adjust (these self-critiques are all part of the learning process, feel free to contribute) such as centering the butterflies better in their lights - which would mean fixing the purple - and I would also probably simplify the bow. 

That's all for now!

Have a commission idea? Or an unsatisfying frame to fill? Email me! 

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