Sunday, May 24, 2015

Level Up

I have decided to put myself into a program. A drawing program.

For the next four weeks, starting Monday, Memorial Day,* I will dedicate an hour to drawing every day. Not inking, though I am looking forward to Inktober, and not painting, that will be the next step in my program (which I am making up as I go and testing on myself). I've been becoming more and more focused on following my art, and now I need to really push myself to level up. God was good enough to give me a drop of artistic talent, now the care of it is on me.

Currently, my art schedule is thus: during my days home (I'm part-time+some) I drawinkpaintupload for quite a few hours until it's time to switch gears/starvation sets in.

Now, inspired by Wheezy Waiter and Jake Parker, I will set aside an hour for drawing every day, including weekends. It does not matter what I draw, if it looks good, or if I like it. There are some subjects I know I need to work on, but I can draw anything this time.

I will post the results of each day here, as much as it might embarrass me, and continue to do so until June 20th.

Since this is a sketchblog, I have included my scribble of this morning. It is inspired by this fantastic picture.


That tortoise is so cool looking. (Not mine, the real one.) The way his head is pulled back, his massive shell, the deep shadows... he looks indestructible! I'd love to draw him carefully, even for an hour, but where am I going to find the time....?

Feel free to comment! Feedback is always welcome.

*EDIT: On Monday I came home after work, prepared to draw for an hour, and... my husband took me out for Memorial Day. We didn't get back until 10PM, so I will begin on Tuesday. My friend M suggested I do two hours for Tuesday, a fitting punishment indeed. 

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