Sunday, May 10, 2015

Let's be Honest About Chinchillas

Well. I thought it was time to introduce those strange little furry creatures that seem to be running around all over the place.

Like this one!

Allow me to explain: these little guys are my version of a chinchilla lanigera, also known as chinchillas, also known as thecuteness. Over the years, chinchillas have become my logo/mascot of sorts. In fact, the one I have here is a sketch for my business cards that will become real once my website becomes real... ahg. That dang website. 

Anyway, now you know about chinchillas. And your life is better for it. 

But WHY chinchillas, you ask??

Right here is where I would put a picture of my dearly departed chins, but alas, I couldn't find any. Once upon my childhood, I had a grey chin named Dusty and a black chin named Pepper. Just google chinchillas and you'll get the gist. And a cuteness attack. 

The intelligent, curious, spunky personalities of my chins inspired frequent chinchilla-themed drawings and doodles. I loved sharing in their mischief in my sketchbook, so the characters stuck around years after my own chins were gone. 

You'll see more of these critters in the future. 

Till next time!

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