Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The House of Snacks

You know you're on vacation when...
"Cuttlefish Flavoured Crackers!" - I just had to try them, and I'm glad I did. Thank you, Miaow Miaow, House of Snacks. 

Okay, this is a sketchblog, so here you go:
Do cuttlefish eat cuttlefish snack crackers? When they taste this good, they do.

Less disturbing: 

More disturbing?
The little person is saying, "what's that sound?" to the "miaow-miaow" coming out of the bag.

I admit, I did apply a filter to these in Photoshop. I only have my crappy-crappy phone camera, as I am still miles away from my lovely-lovely scanner. (I'm very happy to be here visiting everyone, don't get me wrong!)

This is the last one:

Do you have any snacks that have inspired art? Comment below!

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