Tuesday, April 7, 2015

New! First!

New blog! First post.


I've never had a blog before. (So: First blog, first post, new post, first... new...)

I have a website. But it's something I'm none too proud of, so I'm working to replace it. (No link. It's really a lame site. New one coming once it's ready!)

Here is where I can be a bit more personal and unpolished, since the business-me will reside more in my website.

I will probably still have a place for sketches on my site, since I always loved looking at other artists' sketches. Here is where the WIPs, doodles, and other general "stuff" will reside.

Work-In-Progress: This is what I worked on today - the heart is on a different page, scanned and added digitally - I wanted to see what it looked like. Now I'm nervous to add a heart to the original!

Eeg, it looks so dark here! It looked fine in my Photoshop Elements, the background should be a nice bright white... sorry about that! And toying around with a watermark...

Still need to color the branch and add some sort of sky.

Watercolor, pen & ink.

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